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Bungie explains why in Destiny 2 all players will start from zero

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One of the most commented points about Destiny 2 is the absence of an option that allows us to move our characters with all their statistics. Those players who have invested a lot of hours in the Blizzard game will have to start from scratch, but this makes sense to Bungie.

The creators of the action game have justified the decision by ensuring that it allows them to “break some bones with the game design,” so that “it also creates this excellent conversion point for new people, and the people who are playing Destiny 1 the day before Destiny 2 comes out, they can all play together.”

This was stated by Mark Noseworthy, head of the project, in an interview with VG247 where he admits that players will feel immersed in the new plot that focuses on regaining lost power because of the new antagonists “becoming powerful again.”

One of the points that Bungie wants to reinforce with Destiny 2 is its plot development. The first part failed to capture the attention of its players with the way of telling their story. On this occasion, the studio intends to offer us a more complete and orderly view of the conflict against General Ghaul.

Precisely the plot justifies the absence of powers of the guardians at the beginning of the game in relation to the first part, since the army of this character will take care of snatching them as soon as the adventure starts because “he’s jealous of the powers bequeathed to the Guardians by The Traveler.”

Destiny 2 will release on PS4 and Xbox One this year on September 8, and will also land on PC when it’s ready.