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Bungie: Destiny 2 on PC will have recoil, but it will be different from console

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Bungie wants to clarify the statements that emerged yesterday about Destiny 2: even the weapons of PC version will have recoil, contrary to what was suggested at the beginning, but the recoil will be managed differently than that of the console which takes place.

Just yesterday it was reported about some features of the PC version of Destiny 2, being developed by Vicarious Visions. According to the statements of a member of the team, the game would have totally eliminated the recoil by just using a controller.

This news has angered many fans of the series, especially those who are going to play the second chapter on PC, since without the recoil the entire gunplay would be simplified in an extreme way, making the game less fun.

Fortunately, the Project Lead of Bungie has reassured fans, specifying that it was a simple mistake because the recoil of the weapons will be present in the PC version.

As you can read in both the tweet at the bottom of this news, the project lead of PC version of Destiny 2 wanted to reassure the fans, saying that weapons will continue to have recoil, with the simple difference that will be handled differently than the counter doors console, in order to adapt it to the characteristics of mouse and keyboard.

Another proof of the news is that the project lead has published a gameplay video of Destiny 2 taken from the version of PC, where we can see the recoil of the weapons in action.

Recall that Destiny 2 will debut on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, it will arrive later on PC on 24 October.

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