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Rumor: Bully 2 In-Game Screenshot of Game’s Map Leaked

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Rumors around Bully 2 continue to appear and it is that the canceled Rockstar game has a huge community that enjoyed the first installment on PlayStation 2 and is now eager to continue the story of James Hopkins, if the game will revolve around him.

This time it is the YouTuber TheNathanNS who comments that he has received an exclusive image of the pause menu, with map included, of this new Rockstar game. The YouTuber claims that it received the image through Twitter but cannot reveal the identity of the person who sent it because, if it were real, he could get into trouble.

Analyzing the image:

The content creator tries to be objective and analyzes the image in five minutes of video, we can see that it is the typical pause menu of an open-world game or a similar genre. The image has some things that suggest that it is real, as well as other aspects that make us doubt, although it is best to judge for yourself.

At the left side, we can see an image of a boy accompanied by a “prize” of 30 dollars and with the word “Tuesday” next to it. Many point out that this is the image of the player and the amount of money he owns, although it can also be a character that we must intimidate to stop being a bully. That said, Rockstar doesn’t usually play games with white cape heroes, so it is most likely the first option.

As we move to the left we see the typical options such as the map, the character settings, and even a tab that says “online”, a feature that was not in the first Bully game. We can also see that the character is in a mansion and that the image was taken from a version of PlayStation 4, the map is blurred when it reaches the edges that is not common in GTA or Red Dead Redemption.

The truth is that it looks like it is not real, a very elaborate lie since it uses the source of the first bully and has the interface similar to what we would expect from Bully 2. The menu shows something short in option which doesn’t seem normal for any Rockstar Games, although it could also be a perfectly real picture of the game at a very early stage in development.

However, we must continue to take these leaks with a pinch of salt until an official statement is given by the publisher itself.