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Report: Bully 2 Will Release in 2020 for Current & Next-Gen Consoles

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Rockstar Games is still swimming in millions of dollars thanks to Grand Theft Auto V and its online component and Red Dead Redemption 2 is doing the same after debuting last year. This inevitably makes us wonder, what the hell is the company currently doing? Well, in the absence of official information there is nothing left but to move in the unstable terrain of rumors and reports from anonymous sources and that path leads to Bully 2.

For a couple of years, the rumors about the development of Bully 2 have not stopped appearing and the information that has been presented suggests that it is one of the projects in which Rockstar has been working in parallel and that now, it could be closer than we think.

On this occasion, a new rumor was presented that was shared by the YouTuber, SWEGTA, who quoted an anonymous source linked to Rockstar Games in reference to the launch window of Bully 2. In that regard, the fan noted that Bully 2 will release in October or at the latest November 2020 and will do so on PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Project Scarlett, so it will be the first Rockstar Games title that will be released on the new Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Although this information should be taken with a pinch of salt as it is a rumor after all, the Comic Book editor, Tyler Fischer, said the information provided by SWEGTA coincides, in part, with what he has heard about Bully 2 in the interior of the industry. Hence the hype for Bully 2 is taking hold, making us think that, indeed, this will be the next Rockstar Games title.