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Bully 2 Possibly Teased in GTA Online Casino Update

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The Online Cricket Betting ID & Resort of GTA Online is leaving us a few headlines. Today we have known that the update hides a small reference to the rumored Bully 2.

A couple of days ago the new free GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort expansion was finally made available. As we have explained, among the various novelties there is the possibility of buying an attic. Once in our possession, a whole series of aesthetic changes are unlocked: for example, it is possible to add works of art. The interesting fact is that one of these is called “Canis Canem Edit”, which is Bully’s European name. for more details you can visit here Cricket ID.

Clearly, the community immediately went in search of hidden clues in the picture. The author’s name is Mathew Morse: this made us think of a connection with the Morse code; the work of art is actually made up of points and there are those who claim to have “read” the picture and to have found the letters N, D, A that make up the Non Disclosure Agreement. If so, it would be ironic since it would be a clue that forbids us to talk about Bully. Another hypothesis is that Mathew Morse is the name of one of the characters of Bully 2.

It is also possible that there is no secret message or, if there were one, it is not a reference to a possible follow-up. Bully 2 has long been at the center of the talks of enthusiasts, with various rumors that they want it already in development: however, these are just rumors and there is no official information on the matter.

Tell us, what do you think? Do you think Rockstar is starting to give any clues about the future titles, or is it just a small reference to a work of the past without great significance?