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Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack possibly leaked for PS4 by Rockstar

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The fans are crying out for a sequel to Bully, and although there are rumors that point to the alleged development of the second part, Rockstar has remained airtight on the subject. However, something strange has just happened, as Bully 2 appeared in the Game Informer database, but the media has denied the existence of the title a few minutes later.

We will explain it to you. A reddit user found the game Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack in the database of Game Informer. On the tab, we can see that the supposed title will come out for PlayStation 4 later this year, with support for 2 players.

Just a few minutes later, the media withdrew the information from its page and rushed to give a statement on Twitter. “You might be seeing reports we have reported Bully 2 exists. This is in error. We have not heard anything about a sequel to Bully,” the statement said.

So what the hell happened here? Game Informer usually has early access to several games because of its relevance, so it stands to reason that it will have Bully 2 information first hand. The other option is that everything is a mistake, although it is strange because of the statement of the media, instead of pointing out that it was a confusion, they chose to say that they were not aware of the existence of the sequel.

So, this leaves us in the uncertainty. We can only wait to see more at E3 2017, an event where we may know the truth of the whole thing.

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