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Building a Spring Wardrobe? Don’t Forget These Tips

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When it comes to personal style, the changing seasons are the best time to play dress-up or even reinvent your entire wardrobe. Spring cleaning or a Spring Wardrobe is in full swing and many fashion lovers are using this time to purge their closets and decide which styles suit them and which are a part of the past.

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful list of tips and tricks to upgrade your closet staples and add in new trends with ease. Building a spring wardrobe can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not often at the malls or aren’t necessarily a fan of shopping in general. Fear not, there are several simple ways to embrace fashion and have fun in the process.


Look for Inspiration

Sometimes, the hardest part of building a wardrobe is not knowing where to begin. What styles match your aesthetic? Where should you be shopping? We recommend first spending time online or browsing through magazines to determine which styles jump out at you. If you’re plugged into the world of celebrity, whose street style stands out to you? Once you find your inspiration, you can begin the tangible steps to a spring wardrobe.

Build Your Basics

Before you think too far ahead, let’s start with the basics. Your basics will act as your canvas from which you can add colors, textures, and patterns. A basic capsule collection starts with several key items, including a pair of well-fitting denim, a tailored blazer, a quality coat, neutral-colored t-shirts and long sleeves, and finally, a pair of crisp sneakers and sleek ankle boots.

Building your wardrobe with quality basics will give you the freedom to experiment and have fun with trends, like the latest Azzyland accessories and you still have neutrals to ground the overall look.

Find Trends You Genuinely Love

Fashion is ever-changing and it can feel overwhelming to keep track of the yearly trends circulating online and in print. When it comes to choosing spring trends, don’t feel like you have to wear every single option. Find what speaks to you — whether that’s a simple animal print belt or a statement necklace. If you overindulge on trends, you’ll likely regret spending so much money on items you may not wear next year. Choose one or two pieces and find ways to incorporate them into multiple outfits to get your money’s worth.

Always Prioritize Comfort

When someone is wearing something they’re not comfortable in, whether it’s an itchy sweater or a painful pair of boots, it’s easy to spot. The last thing you want is to invest money in items that you don’t feel comfortable in. As you build your wardrobe, take stock of how everything fits and feels. Does it feel authentic to you? Can you wear these pieces without tugging or pulling at them? When it comes down to it, a simple style that embraces comfort is more sustainable long-term than flashy pieces that are visibly uncomfortable.

Remember, building a spring wardrobe is about staying true to yourself.