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Build Your Own Home Cinema in Just 3 Steps

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Now that it’s more difficult to go to the movies as the government advised people to stay at home, it’s a great idea to finally build a home cinema you were already dreaming of for a long time.

Many people think that it takes much effort and money to build a home cinema, but in this article we show you how easy and affordable it can be. With 3 easy steps, you can watch the latest movies and of course your favourite true classics from your own couch. 


Step 1: Subscribe to a video streaming service

When we were younger, you needed a Video or DVD recorder to be able to watch your favourite movies. And don’t forget that you had to buy or hire a movie at the video rental company (old school). Fortunately, these days you can join many video streaming services giving you access to hundreds of series and movies; from true classics to the latest movies. Examples of streaming services include Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. You can already join these services for a few dollars per month! 

Step 2: Buy a beamer and projection screen 

You don’t have to buy an enormous TV to be able to watch a movie in cinema-quality. You can also get the real cinema experience through buying a beamer and a projection screen. The best thing about beamers these days is that some of them are also suitable for small bed- or living rooms. A mini beamer or a so-called short throw beamer is perfect for smaller rooms. With a short throw beamer, for example, you can display large projections on your wall from a very short distance. This makes watching a movie in small rooms just as exciting as watching it in a large movie theater. 

Step 3: Buy some tasty snacks and beverages

What is a good movie without some popcorn or M&Ms right? Not only is it very tasty, it’s also nice to hide behind a large bowl of popcorn if you’re watching a scary horror movie. And don’t forget some refreshments. Go for a traditional coke or pop a beer. Are you watching a romantic movie with your partner? Then exchange the popcorn for some luxurious bites and your coke for a nice bottle of wine. Store the wine in your own built-in wine climate cabinet (Dutch: inbouw wijnklimaatkast) so that you and your partner can enjoy the wine at the right temperature

With 3 easy steps you can build a home cinema. Much fun guaranteed!