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Buccaneers Defeat Washington in the Divisional Round After 2002 Season

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The Buccaneers defeat Washington after 18 years since 2002. It is quite a big deal and has everyone supporting them in a celebration mood.

Buccaneers defeat Washington

The Tampa Bay team won their divisional victory against Washington in the playoff this season.

The team scored 31-23 against Washington in the playoff of the NFC on Saturday. This is quite a moment for the Buccaneers as they won the divisional playoff last, almost two decades ago.

The Buccaneers played divisional playoff while Jon Gruden had led the team. They achieved their position in Super Bowl in the 2002 season.

Tom Brady led the Buccaneers to the final playoff

Tom Brady performed remarkably, but the match was quite neck-to-neck, which made the team tensed. Eventually, with Brady’s two passing touchdowns, 381 Yds and 22/40 C/Att Buccaneers won the round in the playoff. Brady faced three sacks with no interceptions.

The quarterback Brady gave a pass to Antonio Brown during the first quarter. The score was 36 Yds, which made a lead of 9-0 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then Tom passed to Chris Godwin during the second quarter with 27 Yds. Buccaneers had led of 18-7 till half time.

Taylor Heinicke scored 8 yards during the third quarter when there was only 2:14 minim; only two points he wanted to manage. The Washington Football team made the game a nail-biting experience, especially after halftime.

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Taylor Heinicke from Washington was outstanding 

Heinicke scored 11 Yds touchdown to Steven Sims Jr. To manage the lead of Buccaneers of five points. There was already a goal from Buccaneers’ Leonard Fournette and a touchdown. Washington had to score a two-point for overtime, but they didn’t manage to score.

Fans applauded Taylor Heinicke on Social media for his performance in the playoff. Alex Smith also performed well. Tom Brady congratulated him, saying his performance was very much inspiring. Alex Smith scored an interception, 26/45 C/Att, a touchdown, and 306 Yds.

Alex Smith suffered a severe leg injury in 2018. He had 17 surgeries. Doctors even hinted that the player could have faced an amputation. But he made a beautiful wild card comeback.

Cam Sims scored 104 yds receiving seven catches. He led the receivers for the Washington team.

Buccaneers in the final playoff in NFC after 18 long years

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play next Monday, January 18, 2021, against the New Orleans Saints. Buccaneers is at no. 5 now. The team is in the NFC playoff after 18 years. They are going to face Saints second time in 19 weeks.

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