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Brutal Legend 2 will happen at the right time, Director says

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Exchanging a few words with the actor Jack Black in the occasion of E3 2017, Tim Schafer of Double Fine said that Brutal Legend might get a sequel. The intention is there, but the project will require a pretty big investment.

During a question and answer session presented by actor Jack Black during E3 2017, Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions has commented that the sequel to Brütal Legend will be made one day. Black interpreted its protagonist in the original version.

At the beginning of the talk, the audience asked about Brutal Legend 2, and Schafer replies that “Someday we’ll make that game”. However, he has clarified that it would be costly and has been not planned in the short term.

Brütal Legend was released in 2009 and although it did not become a big hit, its combination of hack n’slash with real-time strategy and the soundtrack plagued by well known heavy metal bands got a legion of fans.

Brutal Legend is a 2009 Electronic Arts title that was having a cost $25 million to develop, according to Schafer the sequel would be even more expensive. The first part, incidentally, was the most successful game of Double Fine, although some of it could have gone wrong, since they have not made a new episode of the IP to offer.

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