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Breaking The Stereotypes Before You Hire Professional Escort Services

Eroticism and intimacy intrigue every man, regardless of their age, interests, or social status. Hence, the demand for professional escort services has increased significantly in recent times. Hiring an escort isn’t just about sex – many men want companionship, intimate talks, or just a girlfriend experience. However, when it comes to escorts, many men still hold certain stereotypes and misconceptions. These can be disrespectful and annoying for escorts. 

Before you consider hiring “escorts near me” and meet them, you should break through all typecasts and treat them with respect.

Misconception 1: Escort Services and prostitution are the same 

Many men confuse escort services with prostitution, but this is not true. While escorts may fulfill your sexual fantasies, it is not the only thing they provide. In many cases, they provide companionship to men who feel lonely or want some thrill in their otherwise mundane life. An escort may go on a romantic date with you, accompany you to corporate parties, or indulge in the intimacy that you are longing for. 

So, if you treat them merely as sex workers or prostitutes, it would be wrong. You can hire escort services for so much more than just having sex. 

Misconception #2: You can have escorts do anything you want 

Just because you are paying for escort services does not mean you can make them do anything or treat them like garbage. Even prostitutes and sex workers deserve respect! Escorts have every right to say no to things they are not comfortable with – and you should respect that. You may hire escorts for sheer sexual pleasure or to fulfill your darkest desires. Even then there should be a limit to what you want and what they consent to.   

Many escorts may not be comfortable with anal sex, slapping and using vulgar language, bondage, unprotected sex, or other extreme forms of sex. To avoid unpleasant experiences, you should talk to her to discuss what you expect and what they are comfortable with.  

Misconception #3: Escorts are porn stars 

Talking about escorts, many people have the misconception that they are porn stars and you can have similar experiences you see in porn movies – raunchy, dirty, and hardcore. But this isn’t true. What you see in porn films is often unrealistic and you should not expect the same from your escort. 

Remember, they are just with you to provide companionship, get intimate, and even give you the sexual pleasures you are looking for. Many escorts also provide Porn Star Experience (PSE), but that isn’t something impractical. So, get your expectations clear before you consider hiring “escorts near me.” 

Misconception #4: Escorts should be ashamed of being home wreckers 

People, most often, blame it on escorts when they find out their partner cheating on another girl. They also think that the latter should be ashamed and remain submissive always. However, it is entirely a business transaction and an escort never has the intention to start a serious relationship with a man. 

There might be several reasons why a man would want to have an escort as his companion. He may be bored in his relationship and miss the sexual urge in his life. He may be kinky, gay, or have unique sexual interests that his partner cannot fulfill. Having an escort as a companion is like sexual exploration or filling up the gap in one’s life. It should not affect their relationship unless the person chooses to cheat or break trust. The liability is entirely on them, not the escort. 

Misconception #5: Escorts carry sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

This is another common misconception that you should stir clear when you hire escorts. Escorts work very hard to satisfy their clients and earn money. They place a high value on their overall health and well-being. And getting a sexually transmitted disease is the last thing they would want. 

Most reputable escorts practice safe sex. They are strictly against unprotected sex regardless of how much you pay. The maximum you can expect is a blowjob without protection. This way they ensure healthy sex and protect their clients and themselves from STDs. 

The Bottom Line 

Breaking through these stereotypes is the key to enjoying your experience with a professional escort. Make sure you choose wisely, clearly discuss your expectations, and compare escort services on a reputable platform such as This will give you peace of mind and ensure a thrilling experience.   

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