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Brawlout Has More Than 50,000 Players on Switch in Just 2 Weeks

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Brawlout came to Nintendo Switch on December 19. Apparently, everything has gone very well for the studio of Angry Mob Games, because the title has had good sales. Through its Twitter account, the studio thanked the brawler community, which already has a good number of players on Switch.

The title is only just 2 weeks available on the Nintendo console. However, its community already has more than 50,000 players. This was confirmed by Angry Mob Games on their social networks. The game was available before Christmas, which undoubtedly helped to boost sales.

“Brawlout passed 50K players on #NintendoSwitch in its first 2 weeks! Nintendo, and especially all you brawlers out there, you’re all amazing and we love every single one of you!! THANK YOU and expect tons more Brawlout action coming your way in 2018!” reads the message shared by the company.

The success of the title will undoubtedly continue, especially since the fighting title is on the way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is still no confirmed date for its arrival to the said consoles; however, it will be arriving earlier this year.

Currently, the game is not only available on Switch, but you can also enjoy it on PC. It can be yours for a price of $19.99 USD.