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Boundary PS4 Exclusive Game Announced; First Trailer Released

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PlayStation China Hero Project is a program that seeks to bring attractive projects from Chinese developers to PlayStation 4. One of them is called Boundary, a game in charge of the Surgical Scalpels studio.

It is a first-person shooter set in space. The project started as a game in virtual reality, but the studio decided to leave this technology aside. The title will offer multiplayer gameplay with a tactical approach, combining science fiction with a modern military theme.

Boundary will focus primarily on a multiplayer experience, so it will not offer a campaign to enjoy alone. The matches will be between teams of 5 players and will include modes such as Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Facility Capture and Orbital Purge.

Surgical Scalpels is working on several maps for the games. In the new trailer of its project is shown a game in space, where gravity plays an important role. You can see the first trailer below:

As for weapons, there will be astronaut tools, as well as weapons such as machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Participants will also be able to use jetpacks that will serve as both an offensive and defensive tool.

Various items of equipment and weapons can be customized. For example, there will be several types of bullets to cause more damage or penetrate shields or protective layers of the suits. In addition, there will be a class system for a guided personalization.

In addition, the game will include a progression system that will increase the basic skills of the characters. If you are interested in its concept, take into account that in Gamescom 2019 more details will be revealed.

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Boundary is in development for PlayStation 4. The studio will later work on versions for Xbox One and PC. At the moment, there are no plans to support it with virtual reality.