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Borderlands: Handsome Collection 7.7GB patch download now available

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Borderlands: Handsome Collection is now available for Xbox One and PS4. This is a new patch. The download size is around 7.7GB. The patch is just available on pre-download. The pack will cost around $59.99. To get the pack first purchase it and then go in the Manage section of product page. You will find Borderlands: Handsome Collection there. This collection also brings enhanced graphics for the console. After adding this you can now enjoy 4-play split screen on a single screen with HD Quality. The package also gives you entire Handsome Jack saga with all bonus content in it.


  • Borderlands
  • Borderlands 2
  • High Performance
  • HD resolution
  • 4-play split screen
  • Handsome Jack Saga with all Bonus content
  • Transfer Save Games files.

This collection mostly targets new enhancement in the graphic quality of previous games. You can get a HD output here with more performance boost. It is right to say that you are going to get remastered editions of the Prequel. The game is now capable of running at maximum 1080p. In older version this is not possible. And you can also push the gameplay to 60fps. In multiplayer, a team of 4 players can play with each other and checkout all the movement on 4-play split screen. But this will put impact on the fps. You cannot move over 30fps if you are using this new feature. After adding this collection, it is not possible to transfer your save games files from old version to the new one. You might also get few more new characters to play with.

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