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Borderlands 3 Officially Announced by Gearbox, Trailer Released

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After several surprises, many technical problems and laughter, Gearbox Software revealed what the community was dying to hear: Borderlands 3 is on its way! Best of all, the revelation was made through an exciting trailer.

In the video, Gearbox shows us that Borderlands 3 will be as crazy as the fans expected. That is, the game will reach the point of presenting a huge variety of weapons, among which is a rifle with legs. It also lets us see that it will have new Vault Hunters and that we will meet old acquaintances.

Without more we leave you with the new trailer of Borderlands 3 below:

An important detail is that, according to Randy Pitchford, general manager of Gearbox Software, Borderlands 3 has been in development for 5 years. This is because as they seek it to be a worthy successor to Borderlands 2 and to meet the high expectations of the fans.

Keep in mind that Gearbox still has not shared everything you want to know about this new game. In fact, on Tuesday, April 3, 2019, it will share more information about what the company is cooking.

And you, are you excited for the new game? What struck you most about the trailer? Tell us in the comments below.

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