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Borderlands 3 ‘not happening’ for Nintendo Switch, according to Gearbox head

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We know that Gearbox Software is developing a new installment of Borderlands (which could not be called as Borderlands 3), and today we have also found out that the title in question will not arrive on Nintendo Switch, at least according to allegations made by Randy Pitchford, co-founder of the Gearbox Software.

The next installment of the Borderlands license, will never see the release on Nintendo Switch as Randy Pitchford says on his Twitter account. Responding to a question on the possible arrival of Borderlands 3 on Switch, Pitchford said the following: “I do not see that (Borderlands 3) as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities.”

Indeed, the boss of the studio informs us that the next installment of Borderlands will probably not see a release on the new console of Nintendo. This is not due to the will of the studio but rather to the talks with Nintendo that obviously led to nothing at all.

So we do not know exactly why it got stuck up, apparently the development of this new Borderlands 3 is impossible on the Switch, but Nintendo has other priorities for the time, which seems to indicate that the porting of the game is not yet possible for the time being.

The new episode of Borderlands is currently under development although Gearbox has not yet revealed details about the nature of the game, which could be unveiled officially during 2017.

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