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Borderlands 3 Listed On Amazon Italy Now

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Sightings on Amazon Italy continue: over the weekend on the well-known eCommerce site have appeared Sunset Overdrive 2, Bloodborne 2 and Splinter Cell… as well as Borderlands 3!

Borderlands 3 is present in the PS4 and Xbox One versions with a release date (31 December 2019) and provisional price (97.49 euro), as happened in the other cases mentioned above.

A massive update of the Amazon database that suggests interesting movements regarding the arrival of Borderlands 3, never officially announced by Take-Two, 2K Games and Gearbox Software, although the studio has long made it clear that they are working on the game.

Many expected to see Borderlands 3 at this E3 2018 in June, but it did not happen and the 2K Games publisher preferred to skip the Los Angeles trade show. At this point, we just have to wait for any announcements that can formalize the existence of the highly anticipated third episode of Borderlands.

Borderlands 3 is, for now, an object of mystery. Fans are loudly calling the third installment of the series, but an official announcement has not yet been made. A recent exchange of tweets between the famous analyst Michael Pachter and Randy Pitchford of Gearbox also provided clues about the reveal of the game and the presence of the co-op for 4 players.

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