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5 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale

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With the rushing tide of one of the most unprecedented planetary events of our time, it’s easy for employees (and business owners) to get down on life, and down on themselves. Working remotely has completely shifted the nature of daily work life, and working in-person feels more like a scary sci-fi movie than a job. Keep reading to find how you can boost your employee morale.

So how do you boost up your employee morale during this difficult time, all while boosting productivity in the process?

We have just the tips for you! Read on for our top five ways to skyrocket employee morale, whether in-person or virtually. 

#1: Communication is Key

More than anything, uncertainty sparks disillusionment, confusion, and sadness. We find ourselves in one of the most precarious times of our lives, and that is only exacerbated by ambiguity from upper management. That’s why, to put your employees at ease and motivate them for the months to come, you must implement more transparent communication strategies in your management ethos.

Don’t let your employees’ peace of mind fall by the wayside because you don’t know what the future holds—be honest and compassionate with them, and you’ll receive hard work and commitment in return. 

#2: Give and Solicit Frequent Feedback

Company success is all about a strong team spirit and the collective desire to improve. Be sure you’re giving measured, constructive criticism when you need to, without hesitating to give frequent feedback and recognition when your employees go above and beyond. Positive reinforcement is a sure-fire way to motivate workers to try their best, even in these less-than-ideal conditions. 

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More importantly, you should request feedback from your employees often. This strategy not only shows you the areas where you need to improve as a leader, but it also makes your employees feel heard.

Solicit Frequent Feedback

Here are some ways to implement feedback into your workflow now:

  • Use a digital suggestion software to make this process more professional.
  • Allow employees to make their feedback anonymous.
  • Encourage participation through corporate raffles and prizes. 

#3: Reward Your Employees

Have you ever forgotten that you ordered something online and, upon receiving it in the mail, felt the overwhelming bliss of a spontaneous gift? If that’s not a morale-booster, we don’t know what is! While you can’t buy happiness, you can certainly lift someone’s mood and spirit through thoughtful gifts and rewards. 

Corporate gifts like headphones, branded mugs, or even a nice wine basket make employees feel noticed and appreciated for their hard work during this trying time. Sprinkle these into your yearly calendar, and you’ve got yourself a happier workforce that truly feels seen. 

#4: Put on Health Initiatives

Physical activity releases serotonin and endorphins, providing us with more energy and a stronger work ethic. In the office days, it may have been easy to schedule group walks or encourage frequent breaks. 

But what now, with work being mostly remote?

You can still organize health initiatives, with just a little bit of creativity. Here are some ideas for health initiatives to boost your employee morale you can implement today:

  • Schedule a virtual walk-a-thon where employees can earn prizes for every mile they walk. Track their progress with a mapping app and set up a video chat room so that employees can update and chat as they get their steps in. 
  • Organize a daily calisthenics broadcast where employees have to stand up from their home office desks and stretch for a bit.
  • Encourage employees to submit screenshots of the hours they spend meditating each week in exchange for fun incentives. 
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#5: Encourage Team-Building 

It might surprise you just how much a bit of fun and games can make your employees more game to work. Even if you’ve gone fully remote, schedule some optional corporate game nights and virtual happy hours to allow employees to bond, socialize, and engage with a fun side of your business.

Whether you’re playing a drawing game or having a laugh with some creative wordplay, how do you do a pip your employees will have fun, loosen up, and appreciate the comfortable and caring work environment you’ve created.

Keep Your Head Up

Through this immensely overwhelming and uncertain time, it may feel like you’re also in need of a morale boost. To conquer the seemingly insurmountable obstacles ahead of you—of all of us—your first job as a leader is to lead by example. 

Just remember the beautiful words of the poem: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,” then you’ll truly be a worthwhile leader. 

So, remember to keep your head and trust that you’ll make it through this. 

Because you will.