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What Promotional Offers And Bonuses Are Available With Online Casinos?

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With so many different options when it comes to choosing an online casino to use, it can become quite confusing. 

Most seem to offer lots of different promotional offers and bonuses to sign up and use their website, but what are they?

Online casinos use sign up promotional offers to entice you to bet with them, but some of the offers are really worthwhile. 

Let’s take a look through the type of offers that might be available.

Types Of Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Pretty much every online casino will offer some kind of deal or sweetener to get you signing up and using their services, with some even offering weekly and monthly deals to try and keep you playing.

These can include free spins or free bets, extra deposit bonuses, better odds or points that can then be built up as a reward system that can then be used in the future when you have gained enough points.

Welcome Bonuses

This is the most common type of bonus an online casino will offer, it usually entails the casino matching your deposit to one hundred percent. So deposit fifty dollars, and they will double it so that you have one hundred dollars to gamble with.

There are normally strict conditions with how and what you can use this extra money on in terms of what casino games you can use it with and what type of bets can be made. So it’s always a good idea to read up on the small print before depositing any money so that you can fully understand the rules and regulations when it comes to using the welcome bonus money.

Normally, with these types of bonuses you are only allowed to withdraw winnings from them once you reach a certain amount, or have played a certain amount of times. This is to stop you from just depositing the money then receiving the bonus and withdrawing it all instantly. 

As much as this would be brilliant and free money to the user, the casinos are just not that stupid!

These types of offers are normally only offered once, when you sign up as a user of the online casino but they are a great way to get started, as you will have extra money to play with.

Reward Points

A reward points system is designed to get you playing more often, as the more you play the more points you shall accumulate. 

Once you have a certain amount of points you can then use them for free plays or other similar  offers. 

This reward type system is great for players that use online casinos for quite a long period of time, as it can be quite easy and quick to gain enough points to utilise them within your betting.

How To Choose Which Online Casino To Use

There are so many different online casinos to choose from all of which offer their own versions of bonuses and promotional offers, so which one should you pick? 

Well a good idea to begin with, is to take your time and search out the online casinos that are currently offering the best sign up deals. 

They can change from week to week so just because you may not like the look of a current deal a website is offering, they may have a more suitable and better off in the coming weeks so keep checking back.

Make sure to shop around before committing or depositing any money by searching on google or your favourite search engine typing in an online casino or kasyno online if you are in Poland to find the best current offers available in your country of residence.

No Deposit Bonus

This type of promotional offer is not always available as it’s such a great deal. Similar to a sign up bonus except with this offer you don’t actually need to deposit any money to get the deal. 

This makes this such a great deal as you can sign up and gamble without actually committing any money.

There are usually very strict rules with no deposit bonuses which can often only be used for certain games or slot machines as well as a certain amount of times you will need to wager the bonus money.

But it really is a great offer as it gives you a chance to try out the online casinos games and possibly even win some money without the chance of actually losing any of your hard earned money.

Better Odds

Sometimes online casinos, especially if they offer sports betting, will try and entice you by offering better odds on your bets. So you may pick a bet that has five to one odds but they may offer you a promotional bonus odds at seven to one.

This type of offer is mainly used for sports betting but getting better odds you could earn a lot more from the winnings should your belt come in.

To Summarise

The main point of bonuses and promotional offers that online casinos could offer you is to first get you to sign up as a user and then to continue betting with them.  However, you can take advantage of these offers to help you be more successful with your betting.

As previously mentioned, shop around to find the best current offers and dont feel once you have commited to one online casino that you have to stick with just using them.

You could sign up to multiple online casinos to utilize all their offers but just remembered they are normally a one time deal, so you cannot keep re-signing to the same online casino to keep getting the offers again and again.

Don’t forget gambling can become addictive and very fast, so if you feel your gambling is getting out of control or you are risking too much money with your bets, its best to walk away and have a break. Make sure to always only bet money that you can afford to lose. 

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