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Bobby Kotick’s Activision Blizzard Is Adding Two Women to Its Board of Directors

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Bobby Kotick’s Activision Blizzard is doing its part to ensure the video game industry is more diverse and inclusive. It confirmed that it’s adding two women to its board of directors. It has already elected Lulu Cheng Meservey to the board. Meservey is a communications executive at the newsletter platform Substack. The company that Kotick’s been heading up since 1991 will nominate Kerry Carr, a Bacardi Ltd. executive, to the board during its 2022 annual meeting.- Bobby Kotick’s Activision Blizzard

“We have a chance to further enhance our culture and be the example other companies will follow,” says Kotick. “We are so incredibly fortunate. Connecting and engaging the world through joy and fun is a powerful mission. Accomplishing this in a welcoming, inclusive workplace ensures we will achieve our mission with excellence.”

According to the company, Carr and Meservey will replace current board members Casey Wasserman and Hendrick J. Hartong III, who are not standing for reelection. Wasserman is a sports and media executive who has served on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with Kotick since the early 2000s. Hartong III is a former marketing executive at the Santa Monica, California-based video game holding company. 

Kotick praised the two new board members for their ability to bring important skills and experience to his video game holding company. Activision Blizzard’s lead independent director, Robert Morgado, who has been on the board since 1997, said the addition of Meservey and Carr to the board of directors “reflects a continuation of the boards’ refreshment process” since many of the directors have been connected to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick or the company for a long time. The board’s chairman, Brian Kelly, was a member of the team that obtained the assets of the company that became Activision Blizzard in 1991.

In a 2021 message to employees, Kotick discussed the importance of a healthy company culture, stating that the company was dedicated to creating “the most welcoming and inclusive workplace.” Kotick said, “We have taken meaningful actions to improve our company and culture. Creativity and inspiration thrive best in a safe, welcoming, respectful environment. There is no substitute for that. And staying true to our values, without exceptions, is the best way to retain our talent and to attract the new talent we need to achieve our great potential.”

Meservey joins the board of directors as part of Activision Blizzard’s new workplace responsibility committee, which was formed in November to oversee the company’s progress in implementing new policies, commitments, and procedures to establish a better workplace culture void of any forms of harassment and discrimination.  

Bobby Kotick Talks Culture of Excellence

“Successful business leaders who have helped build institutions of lasting value; all are committed to talent and a culture of excellence. This is usually accomplished by identifying, retaining, and developing great people. The most difficult part of the process is accurately assessing character, integrity, and humility, but these are the most important factors for success,” Kotick has said. “Our mission is to inspire audiences to play, connect, and compete by making the most engaging entertainment in the world. Our talent evaluation process ensures that each new hire shares that commitment. Depending on the role, the ability to inspire others is something I also look for. We like people with the potential to be leaders of leaders, not managers of managers.”

According to Kotick, “Autonomy leads to empowerment. We work hard to maintain a balance between collaboration and cooperation, and independence. We have six operating units. Our games units consist of King, Blizzard, and Activision. This is the source of our incredible collection of franchises like Candy Crush, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty. Major League Gaming is our ‘ESPN of Video Games’ division. Our television, film, and short-form media venture, Activision Blizzard Studios, is responsible for developing our franchises into linear media. And, like The Walt Disney Company, we have a group dedicated to consumer product licensing. Our business units operate with a great deal of independence. But all of them have an unwavering commitment to our nearly 500 million fans.” It’s nice to know that no matter what is happening at Activision, the fans come first.