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Bloodborne’s Upcoming DLC available for download this year

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Bloodborne was released in the month of March this year. After that we did not hear much about the game. Through some news sources we found out that there will be a DLC coming for this game, but when it will be released is a suspense. The DLC is not yet announced at all. Most probably even if it gets announced in the coming month, the release date will be pushed ahead towards the last quarter.

Bloodborne Wallpaper
Bloodborne Wallpaper

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive game. The game developer has also released Dark Souls 3 which got some reasonable content after a regular period of time. But for Bloodborne things are not like that. But as per the game developer, they will be providing new content to Bloodborne as well. Just recently there was a patch released that added more fixes and stability in the game output. The patch was designed to add overall benefits so that the game can perform more properly. Right now the developer has stated that they might be working on a new DLC.

However, saying anything about this is not possible because officially the developer has not disclosed anything. The information came from the President of Sony World Studios, Mr. Shuhei Yoshida. According to him the game might get something new this year. But at the same time his words also clarifies that this might not be a very big release. Being a PS4 exclusive game, it deals in a small part of the market share, and releasing huge DLC for the same might not be affordable.