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Bloodborne Servers taken Offline for Several Days because of “Emergency Maintenance”

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While the extension of The Old Hunters of Bloodborne is available since a few days, players are confronted with the inability to connect to the servers of the game. FromSoftware spoke about it, pointing out that this is a service that will last for several days.

Being an excellent game from the Japanese studio of FromSoftware, Bloodborne was able to provide a breath of new gameplay similar to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, including greater ease of movement. A few days ago, the fans of the title could get their hands on The Old Hunters, the first extension of this game.

Bloodborne Wallpaper
Bloodborne Wallpaper

For players who were playing Bloodborne few hours ago, the servers have stopped working, causing a return to the title screen. Although it is possible to continue to play in offline mode, FromSoftware informed us of the situation on the PlayStation website.

The development studio said it is currently conducting emergency maintenance on the servers of the game. The statement said “maintenance should be completed within a few days”, noting that a new release will be issued once servers are reactivated again.

The reason for this emergency operation has not been determined, but the site Kotaku has pinpointed the case of an exploit in The Old Hunters. The information was given by a game developer, via Reddit of Bloodborne (since deleted).