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Bloodborne Producer Is Working on Unannounced Game for 2019

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SIE Japan Studios had a good 2018 year and it seems that it is preparing to have a great 2019. This we say since recent words of the company seem to indicate that it has plans to reveal a new game next year, most probably Bloodborne 2.

In a recent chat with 4Gamer, Teruyuki Toriyama, the producer of SIE Japan Studio mentioned that in 2019 they are preparing to reveal a game without announcing that it is in development. Unfortunately, he did not give more details about it, so there is no clue as to what could be dealt with.

On the other hand, in this same talk, Masaki Yamagiwa, producer of SIE Japan Studio, said that in 2019 will strive to work on a new project. In case you do not know, he is a creative that worked in FromSoftware for Bloodborne and Déraciné, so we have to see if its next project is also with this company.

As you probably know, SIE Japan Studio is a first-party team from Sony that is based in Tokyo, Japan. The studio that operates as part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios is known for its work on projects such as Gravity Rush and Patapon, as well as having collaborated in the creation of projects such as Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls and The Last Guardian. In the last year he released 3 exclusives for PS4: Shadow of the Colossus; Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Déraciné.

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