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Bloodborne Patch 1.05 download now available on PS4

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Bloodborne receives a new patch for PS4 that targets fixes for game performance and also ample of bugs issues. The patch version is 1.05. The patch is already available for download on PS4. The patch size is around 2.75GB in size. So this is a kind of huge patch that is released for this game.

The patch will offer game balancing which means solving any kind of performance issue on console while playing Bloodborne. Also the patch is going to resolve issues with bugs that you are facing while playing games on online multiplayer mode. The patch is quite important when it comes to game improvement. There are certain bugs which might not have a manual fix, but through the patch it can be resolved instantly and easily. Just few months ago there was one more patch released for the game that was around 150MB in size.

Bloodborne Screenshot
Bloodborne Screenshot

These patches are essential for smooth output of the game. Yet we had not heard about any new content in the 2.75GB sized Patch 1.05 version. This additional content is quite missing here. It is not easy to believe that this huge patch is not having any new content. Usually patches are around 100 to 500MB maximum when it comes to fixes and bugs resolution. And if the size is more then it means new features are also added for the same. Below you can checkout the Patch 1.05 Notes of Bloodborne submitted by a Redditor here and also on the PlayStation Japan page here:

Slight Password Mechanics Changes:

  • If you use the “Beckoning Bell or Small Resonant Bell while a password is set, you will be given a notification that a password is currently being used.
  • Players will no longer lose Insight if a match is not completed after ringing any of the summoning or invasion bells.

Co-Op and Online Play Changes:

  • When using the password system for matchmaking, if the level difference between the host and guest is large, the summoned phantom will have their stats and Soul Level scaled to that of the host. (Possibly only allows for higher level phantoms to scale down. Low level players will not scale upwards if summoned to a higher level player’s world).
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements