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Bloodborne Patch 1.03 download available for PS4

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From Software has finally released the new update for Bloodborne which is expected to reduce the horrendous loading times in the game. In addition, some bug fixes are also made.

Available since last month on PlayStation 4, Bloodborne has undoubtedly become one of the best flagship titles for the Sony console, even if it not intended to all players. Indeed, the title of From Software operates the legacy of its former role play by applying some difficulty based on frustration.

If the game excels on several points, the unusually long loading times have been complained many times. From the beginning, From Software has planned to correct this concern through an update.

Whereas for the month of April, the Bloodborne Patch 1.03 download available for PS4. Also, the loading times are proving reduced between 5 and 15 seconds depending on the circumstances.

In parallel, several bugs have been fixed, including lifts and elevators becoming unusable, bosses who are immobilized, or unable to move forward in cooperation online. The problem with returning to the game after putting our PS4 in idle mode has also been fixed.

Below is the complete patch 1.03 notes of Bloodborne:

  • Reduced loading times (approx 5-15 seconds; May vary by circumstance)
  • Fixed bug that left certain lifts and elevators inoperable
  • Fixed bug that resulted in bosses becoming immobilized
  • Fixed bug that left players unable to advance NPC events during multiplayer
  • When the PS4 is put into Rest Mode during online play, the game will now return to the main title screen upon resuming play. This will resolve matchmaking issues related to Suspend/Resume.
  • Other various bug fixes
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