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Bloodborne Patch 1.03 download available at the end of April 2015


Sony said that the famous update providing performance fixes, particularly at unusually long loading times, will arrive during this April.

Available since last month exclusively to the PlayStation 4, Bloodborne looks like a very good game for the Sony console. The latest Japanese studio From Software contains the recipe for Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls, while offering a more dynamic handling.


However, the game is penalized since its launch by too long loading times. Since the title is quite punitive and that death is common, this little annoyance quickly becomes a wound.

The development studio recently released a patch 1.02 for the game, clogging the glitch duplication of objects. Sony has recently communicated through the PlayStation Blog that the update 1.03 of the title will arrive by the end of April 2015 and will fix once and for all problems related to the loading time.

At the same time, this update will correct the abnormal behavior of the game after several hours of use, resulting in much less fierce reactions of enemies and bosses. This trick has been used by players to be able to exterminate some bosses that are rather tough.

The publisher said the online game service will be interrupted for a few hours during the week, to facilitate the update on the server.