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Bloodborne Patch 1.02 download now available

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Sony and From Software have released patch 1.02 for Bloodborne for free download. The 150-megabyte update is now available in the European PlayStation Network to download. The 1.02 patch fixes, including the frequently reported in recent days, problem with a Lunarium key that is not obtained. Some more bug fixes are also included in the 1.02 update for Bloodborne likewise.

From Software has released 1.02 Patch for Bloodborne that is available for download now. Since yesterday evening the update is available in the US PlayStation Store. According to the patch notes, the update “fixes the issue of not being able to obtain the ‘Lunarium Key’ once the user partakes in online multiplayer as a co-operative guest by using the ‘Small Resonant Bell’ or as a hostile guest by using the “Sinister Resonant Bell” in the area, ‘Forbidden Woods.”. This problem has been reported more frequently in recent days.

The update 1.02 also fixes various bug fixes. Among other things, an exploit that allowed duplicate items is currently said to have been removed. The 1.02 patch must be strictly installed if you want to play online. If you have enabled automatic updates on the PlayStation 4, you dont need to the download patch 1.02 of Bloodborne manually.