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Bloodborne Day-One Patch 2.69GB download now available

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The development studio From Software released its hardcore RPG game Bloodborne a day-one patch. The download size is 2.69 GB. Another patch is soon going to come to resolve the long load times.

The hardcore RPG game Bloodborne is already available since March 23, 2015 for pre-download for all pre-order of the digital version. The download size of the entire game is 25.3 GB. On the hard drive the game completely installed takes a whopping 41 gigabytes on PS4.

The download-marathon is not over yet since a day one patch must be downloaded separately. Here the download size of this day-one patch is 2.69 gigabytes more. The update brings with it the first and mandatory update for Bloodborne amongst other things, the online functionality and improvements to game performance and stability. In addition, several bug fixes are added.

By the way, in the context of a gameplay video leaks criticized by many players to be too long loading times in BloodBorne are not resolved by the day-one patch. There will be a second update. In a press release, the development team has confirmed the issue and hinted that they are currently working on a fix. In addition, there should be more performance optimizations, and various bug fixes.

Bloodborne is already released on March 25, 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.