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Bloodborne 2 Release “Not Up To Me”, Hidetaka Miyazaki Says; Sony Owns the IP

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While fans are still having fun in the eastern lands of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and waiting for Elden Ring, a new role-playing game made in collaboration with George RR Martin, Hidetaka Miyazaki gave an interview to GameSpot Brazil on another great game of the series of the souls-like: Bloodborne. Furthermore, there was also space to talk about a potential Bloodborne 2.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the boss of FromSoftware explained, for example, that in general he does not like to look too much at the past and does not like to think about what he could have done better, but when he talks about Bloodborne he says he would like to make the gems of blood more elaborate, that is, the equipment for strengthening of weapons, and the Dungeons of the chalice, or the procedurally generated areas.

In addition to reconfirming that the main source of inspiration for the game was Lovecraft, a well-known fact, Miyazaki explains that Bloodborne was the title that most remained in his heart, the one he believes to have done in his own way. The developer also stated that he sees room for improvement, compared to what he did and the editors then insisted on Bloodborne 2, suggesting that it would be the right opportunity to fix it and Miyazaki said that “Bloodborne 2…unfortunately, I’m not the one to decide.” As you might know, Sony owns the IP, although FromSoftware made the original game.

For now, therefore, there still seems to be no hope for Bloodborne 2, but it is possible that if he wanted to, Miyazaki would devote himself to the game. What do you think about it? Do you believe that Bloodborne 2 can happen at a certain point? Maybe on PlayStation 5?