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Blood Bowl 2: Overview Trailer

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Who doesn’t like to have a bit twisted game based on actual sports event? We are talking about the unique Blood Bowl 2 series. This game is based on fantasy gameplay where you will be dealing with various enemies alongwith more competitive enemies. Blood Bowl 2 is based on American Football with twisted characters. Below the gameplay video can explain you a little bit more about the gameplay. The video looks very impressive and you can surely enjoy the gameplay here. This is a new trailer for the game and yet the game is not released. This game will be coming on different platforms at the last quarter of this year or might be a bit early. The game is a series of fantasy sports event that is based on American Football. The characters here are worth checking out. There are different races with different characters and their own unique abilities.

Blood Bowl 2 Screenshot
Blood Bowl 2 Screenshot

On the basis of that you can arrange the team and begin match. It is more like a football game but the characters have a bit more power than the regular ones. This turn based fantasy game looks very entertaining. The first series was also quite a hit. The good part of this game is that it will be coming on consoles and PC as well. The new version is lot more improved compared to the older one. You can get better control over the team you are playing with. You can simply compose your team and fight with others. You can also have more customization in it. Checkout Blood Bowl 2 Overview trailer below: