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Bloober Team Reveals Blair Witch Time Loops and Combat Details

One of the surprises of E3 2019 was the horror game Blair Witch, inspired by the movie franchise that began its story in the late 90s. This game is developed by Bloober Team, responsible for psychological horror titles such as Layers of Fear and Observer and, for the team in charge of this new title, there will be the opportunity to do different things, as assured by Barbara Kciuck and Maciej Glomb.

During an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Barbara Kciuck and Maciej Glomb, members of the development team of Blair Witch, spoke about some elements that are part of the horror title, same with those who seek to deliver something new to the players.
Initially, Barbara Kciuk confirmed that Blair Witch will make use of time loops, but these will not serve to change the mistakes made and improve the future of the story, they will be the opposite: “Doing the impossible will always be humans’ greatest fantasy. Traveling through time and escaping the consequences of our mistakes by erasing them altogether seems like a particularly enticing vision. And that’s exactly what authors of unnerving stories are looking for – alluring concepts which they can then twist horribly. Did you want to get rid of some small misstep from the past? Oops! You just made it all much worse. And now you must live with all of the horrible things you did and more. As the reveal trailer suggested, Bloober Team’s Blair Witch will also feature time loops. However, without spoiling anything, let me just say that they are not the Groundhog Day-style loops. They are not there to help you make your situation better in the end. Blair Witch uses them for much more sinister reasons.”

Subsequently, Maciej Glomb revealed that Blair Witch will have some combat sections, something they will do for the first time in the history of Bloober Team, as part of a diversification bet of mechanics: “So it changes the experience for sure but I wouldn’t say it’s a drastic change. We are convinced that to create a truly horrifying horror experience in a video game you have to make the players feel vulnerable. When introducing new encounter mechanics we don’t really want to change that. What we want to do is to diversify gameplay mechanics. We already experimented with chase and stealth sequences and with Blair Witch we want to try yet another type of combat in which you will be finally able to defend yourself. Having said that we try to design it in such a way that it still feels as you’re a pray not a hunter.”

Blair Witch will release on August 30 on Xbox One and PC, and will be one of the titles that can be enjoyed from Day-One on Xbox Game Pass.

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