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Blizzard wants to make Warcraft 4, but it’s still not the time

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It ‘s been over 14 years since the release of Warcraft III, and Blizzard CEO Mike Morahime, would like to make a sequel to the legendary strategy game. However, it seems that it is not yet the right time for the new title.

Warcraft III

“We love RTS games but right now our focus is still continuing to evolve StarCraft II–and to the extent that MOBA games are RTS–continue supporting and evolving Heroes of the Storm,” said Morahime in a talk with Game Informer. “I love that there is so much passion and interest around Warcraft IV. I would love to see Warcraft IV at some point in the future, but that is not our current focus,” he reiterated.

In addition, the executive said he is still interested in the mobile market, but confessed that Blizzard has not found the right strategy to expand on that platform. “I think we are always looking at everything. We play a ton of games here, and we’re always brainstorming new ideas,” he said.

Finally, Morahime was optimistic about the potential of the mobile industry. “I think there’s a huge opportunity there. We certainly have so many people with these powerful gaming devices in their pockets that they are walking around with every day. I feel like there’s a lot of unexplored ground still,” he said.