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Blizzard issues second massive ban to cheaters in Overwatch

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Today, justice reached Overwatch, as all the cheaters paid for and were punished with the ban hammer by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch Tracer Character

That’s right, those players who were having a ready using triggerbot, trap that automatically fire when an enemy appears in the spotlight, were banned completely from Overwatch. The same happened with cheaters who used aimbot system that helps to have better accuracy.

In early June, Blizzard was very clear in saying that it would not tolerate cheaters. At that time, the studio permanently banned thousands of Overwatch players for behavior that went against fair play.

And if you’re thinking of cheating, we must warn you that Blizzard takes serious measures, as it is not enough to buy the game again to return to enjoy this experience. Users of Overwatch have reported in forums that the only solution to return to the title is to reinstall the operating system on your PC.

In related information, Overwatch received a patch to balance McCree and Ana, new character who reached the title in June. Blizzard has acknowledged that the gunman character became too powerful with the last update. Now the same will be less dangerous, but its attack will be more effective alternatively.