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Blizzard is developing a new first-person shooter?


Blizzard has recently published a new job listing for the search of three professionals to be included in the staff that is working on a project not yet officially announced by the company.

It’s still too early to talk about, but judging by the job positions posted on the website, Blizzard is working on something new.


Blizzard has recently released three new offers of work on its website that would suggest a new project. All three works are listed under the heading of “unannounced project.”

The first announcement is geared to find a “Lead Software Engineer” who knows how to work on a “robust first-person engine.” The ideal candidate should have previous experience with similar systems.The second announcement is the same as the first, but the candidate must have had experience with shooters.

The latest announcement is looking for a “Senior Technical Animation Artist” who has experience with games that use the first-person perspective.

So, the company is seeking for two Lead Software Engineer and a Senior Technical Animation Artist with experience in development and shooter games with perspective in first person.

After the success of Overwatch, is Blizzard working on a new FPS? Or maybe it is a new expansion of the aforementioned title?

At the moment no other details has been leaked, we just have to wait to learn more.