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Blade & Soul First Expansion Available Today

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NCSoft has confirmed that today, on March 23, fans of Blade & Soul will enjoy the first major content expansion for this MMORPG free-to-play free of charge, which is called Silverfrost Mountains. What all new things are there exactly? New areas to explore, more missions to overcome and “challenging” content for the end-game.

Blade & Soul SilverFrost Screenshot

The expansion also increases the maximum skill to level 50, and increases the Hongmoon level to ten. Also it means “major step forward” in the main plot of the game, allowing players to move a step closer to achieving revenge for the fallen allies.

Silverfrost Mountains also adds eight new dungeons, five expert level and three Heroic, which can be completed with groups of four or six players. There are also new instances of open world for 24 players called Frostcale Basin and Beastbog, as well as a new PvP zone that can be found in Soulstone Plains.

“New and vast 24-member open world instances Frostscale Basin and Beastbog contain throngs of monsters and mighty bosses that await the bravest adventurers. Additionally, a brand new server event will call for groups of warriors to band together and protect Grand Harvest Square from hordes of attackers.”

Of course, this expansion is accompanied by other improvements that will correct some of the deficiencies found in the game during its first months of release in the West. More details can be found here.