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Black Desert will utilize the power of Xbox One X

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In the past few hours during the conference of Microsoft, the boys from Pearl Abyss announced the arrival of Black Desert on Xbox One X and a few minutes ago also explained the reason for this choice.

The development team said that because of the new console performance they have opted to develop Black Desert on Xbox One X.

“We chose Xbox because of its hardware performance, market penetration, and marketing power. Especially, Microsoft has promised us with full marketing support and has actively engaged with us from the beginning. That is why we believe that Xbox is the best console partner for Black Desert,” said CEO Jung Kyungin.

“We are big fans of Black Desert and are very proud to be partnering closely with PearlAbyss,” responded the director of ID@Xbox, Chris Charla. “With the incredibly fun MMORPG’s huge success on PC, we can’t wait to work closely with PearlAbyss to bring the amazing gameplay experience to the Xbox One community, especially as a console launch exclusive.”

In this MMORPG players can experience an action-packed adventure while joining different guilds and training skills such as fishing or trading.

Black Desert Online is already available on PC and will arrive on Xbox One X to launch under the name Black Desert.