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Black Desert Online Runs At Native 4K on Xbox One X and 1080p on Xbox One

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Black Desert Online was supposed to land on Xbox early in the year, but we are in the middle and still nothing. Fortunately, there has only been a delay, which is related to the effort to bring the Xbox game in good quality. However, the Xbox Game Preview program is not excluded.

The MMO is set to target this year both on the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, where the console offers additional enhancements. Developers have said more about the ongoing game development. Running the game on Xbox One was relatively fast, but to play the game as it is for developers requires more optimization. Therefore, in recent months, creators have been working on optimizing the game.

Black Desert Online will run in native 4K on Xbox One X and will certainly be present in playable form also at E3 2018, but the developers have admitted to be still working to ensure stable “enhanced” performance both on the console and on the basic model of Xbox One.

“Getting the Black Desert engine to work on Xbox One has been relatively straightforward… Of course, getting it to run is only a fraction of our work, and the rest of the time is making sure that it works well,” said a spokesperson for the Pearl Abyss development team.

“Our current targets for performance of the game on… Xbox One S… 1080p 30 FPS… Xbox One X… 2160p 30 FPS… Our targets are easily achieved out in the open field, but in high population areas we’ve had some difficulty managing these numbers,” the spokesman further communicated.

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“We are still working on optimizing the game, so that we can provide a better gaming experience for our users. This means these numbers are definitely subject to change… We were very impressed by what the Xbox can offer at its price point,” he concluded.