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Black Desert Online 7 day free trial download available now

Daum Games has launched a 7-day free trial for Black Desert Online, the popular Korean MMORPG released on PC in 2014. Players can create their own character by choosing from one of the 12 classes available.

Kakao and Daum Games have launched a free trial of seven days for Black Desert Online, MMORPG of Pearl Abyss. The title offers a high-level graphical quality, especially with regard to the views of the MMORPG, and allows you to create your own character by choosing from twelve classes, each characterized by different personalities and fighting styles.

To get the free trial of Black Desert Online simply register on the official site hosted by Daum Games and download the client. The game is presented as one of the sandbox mmorpg technically more advanced on PC, and its 12 unique classes ensures a good level of aesthetic and playful customization (also is in the works there is a thirteenth class, the Dark Knight).

Since its appearance in the Korean market in 2014 and this year in European territory the game has been completing with tons of content demanded by its more than faithful community. This free trial will be the perfect entry for those who at some point want to experience the fast action and superb character editor of this online role-playing game.

Published in 2014, Black Desert Online is an MMO with the elements of RPG and sandbox, with considerable technical sector for gender and a high level of customization.

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