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Bitdefender Internet Security: Things You Need to Know About It

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Among the product of Bitdefender this year, Bitdefender Internet Security will likely to impress many people. This security software will provide its customer with the three crucial things when they but it, including privacy, performance, and protection.

Besides the mentioned features, this security software will provide endless use of its firewall feature, parental control, spam filtering tool, and other handy features that you can find in a few security software of this caliber and price range. With that, here’s what you need to know about the Bitdefender Internet Security software.


Why Choose Bitdefender Internet Security?

Before deciding to get this security software, you know some details about it and read the Bitdefender Internet Security review. This software’s security features are multi-layered to maintain your devices’ safety from old and new computer threats. This software’s internet security is excellent and can guard your devices from rootkits, malware, zero-day exploits, and viruses in a real-time manner.

It features that use of cyber threat intelligence technology in detecting blocks sophisticated and exploit threats. To do the process, Bitdefender Internet Security utilizes its inner behavioral detection ability and uses them to defend the devices when monitoring every application. This software’s standard features are the password manager, file shredder, two-way firewall, and parental control.

The interface of this software is pretty feasible, and using it will be straightforward and accessible. The buttons are quick to find, and users can proceed directly to the options they need. If you use this security software, you need to create your account through Bitdefender Central, allowing you to manage devices and subscriptions in one account. Besides that subscription that you can easily manage, you will also get a real-time security update and direct contact with its customer service if you have trouble with this software.

Its Key Features

Game, Movie, Work Modes

Even if you are playing video games, watching a movie, or working, Bitdefender Internet Security is employed with triggers to track down and detect unnecessary requests and notifications. Besides those mentioned features, it is capable of displaying the settings, and some background activities are lowered to lesser performance so that you can maximize the usage of your device.


This security software will give some features that will focus on performance.  It provides the best solution to defend your device from any threats, and it will tweak the performance of your system if needed and use convenient resources when scanning, etc. This key feature is the one that gives your recommendation for security action, ideally the excellent solution when dealing with internet threats.

Microphone Monitor

If you know about malware or new threats that are capable of recording audio while people are using their devices, you might feel anxious about this type of privacy invasion. Bitdefender will use a feature that will defend your devices against malware threats that will record any conversation. This security software will encrypt all types of traffic and your website activity.

Takeaway of Bitdefender Internet Security

Whatever the task that you will do using your computer, you always need to prioritize its safety and the devices that you will connect to it. It would be best if you started using Bitdefender Internet Security to protect your computer and other devices from viruses, malware, and other harmful things.