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BioWare working to fix the main problems of Mass Effect Andromeda

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Via his Twitter profile, the Lead Designer of BioWare, Ian S. Frazier, announced that the studio is currently working to solve the major problems of Mass Effect Andromeda reported by the community.

Mass Effect: Andromeda came out (at least in some areas), and, as you know, not everything went the right way. It is a mammoth title, but at the same time full of problems, above all technical. In general it does not seem to be quite finished, at least not what you would expect from a title of BioWare.

Although currently there are no more precise details about it, Frazier made it known that the team is considering the possibility of improving the character editor, also soon bugs and technical problems of varying caliber will be corrected. However no specific information is given regarding the animation problems of the characters that both are doing rounds on the web and we know that will not be updated with the day-one patch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available in North America and by tomorrow it will be available in Europe for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.