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Bioware says MMO market more popular than ever

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According to James Ohlen, the director of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO market has never been as prosperous now. Speaking with British colleagues MCV, in fact, the developer has stated that “The MMO genre is much bigger than it ever has been before, it’s just that people misunderstand what the genre actually consists of now.”

James Ohlen

The director of Star Wars: The Old Republic, James Ohlen, recently stated that the MMO market is much bigger and more popular than ever.

James Ohlen further says that “If you think about it, everyone thought about [MMOs] as hardcore PC games, but the genre now includes two of the biggest new IP launches of the last three or four years – The Division and Destiny. Both are MMO games, they just don’t call themselves that.

“If you’re familiar with MMOs and play them, you know that’s exactly what they are. It’s expanded into mobile games, you have a lot of games that are essentially MMOs on smartphones. It’s just expanded beyond the classic PC MMO. Obviously, Star Wars The Old Republic is very much a classic PC MMO game, but we’ve been very successful because we are Star Wars, we are BioWare and we are focused on differentiating ourselves with story.”

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