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BioWare Is Polishing the Content of Anthem for E3 2018

Anthem was announced last year at E3 2017 and since we saw it for the first time we want to know more about it. Everyone who is in the same situation and we are probably excited since it will be present at E3 2018. As you can imagine, for BioWare this event will be special, so the company is already working on refining the content of Anthem that will show us in just over 2 months.

In a publication on Reddit, Brenon Holmes, the creative director of Anthem, confirmed that he has not been active in the game’s subreddit since he has been busy. The above since all the team responsible for BioWare is working hard to polish the content they are preparing for the important video game event of E3 2018.

“Everyone is currently working pretty hard! We’re doing a lot of iterating and polish on the content that will be the focus for EA Play / E3,” said the creative.

Later, a fan asked Holmes if there is something different to show it in E3 2018 or if it is the same creation process. Given this, Holmes made it clear that the differences are very few: “It’s more a question of focus… the things we’re showing have to get done at some point, but if we weren’t showing it at E3 we’d likely be doing it in a slightly different order.”

In other news, EA is taking the necessary measures to prevent this ambitious project from going through a controversy of loot boxes similar to that of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Anthem will hit PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

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