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BioWare: Laidlaw and Flynn’s departure will not affect Anthem, looking forward to Xbox One X

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During E3 2017 we learned the first details about Anthem. The new IP of BioWare will have a great weight in the online component. For this reason, some players have wondered if the game will feature a single-player campaign. To clear this and other doubts, Michael Gamble, involved in the development of Anthem, answered some questions related to the game.

For starters, the developer was questioned whether the closure of Visceral Games and the departure of several members of BioWare, such as Mike Laidlaw and Aaryn Flynn, will affect Anthem.

Gamble commented that this will not in any way prejudice the process of creating the title. He added that the closure of Visceral Games does not imply an end to single player games by Electronic Arts.

On the other hand, Gamble asked the players to have some patience to know more about Anthem. Including some information on a hypothetical single-player mode, which would be an addition to the main online multiplayer mode. He also recommended to the community to wait for the games and not to draw somewhat hasty conclusions.

Finally, Gamble expressed his interest that Anthem will come mainly to Xbox One X. The member of BioWare said he expects this with eagerness, both from a developer as well as from the gamer’s perspective.

Anthem is on its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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