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BioWare has prepared surprises for the PlayStation Meeting 2016


BioWare could have done occasional preview of what fans will find during the PlayStation Meeting to be held today, if we take in account a series of comments that the developers have done on Twitter.

Mass Effect Andromeda

The first “suspect” tweet came from Alistair McNally, chief designer and art in the division of BioWare in Edmonton, Montreal, and Austin Studios.

“Really, REALLY excited for the Sony PlayStation press conference tomorrow,” said McNally. “Some surprises are in store I expect.”

Then he wrote the following message: “Also it’s probably about time I changed my twitter avatar image and background.” McNally now shows some artistic designs related to Dragon Age.

But, in reply, the fans of BioWare received the invitation of Mac Walters, creative director of the company, to watch the PlayStation Meeting.

Finally, the producer of Mass Effect Andromeda, Michael Gamble, wrote a tweet joke: “Oh, God. Tomorrow is 7th, isn’t it?”

It is possible that during the PlayStation Meeting 2016 that will take place today at 8pm BST/9pm CET, BioWare will make some progress in the new saga in which they are working. Or, perhaps, they will delight us with an expected gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda.

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