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Former BioWare Dev Talks About The Corrupt Practices of EA’s Monetization of Games With Microtransactions

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Manveer Heir, the former designer at BioWare, has resorted to heavy accusations against the recent policies adopted by Electronic Arts, the US colossus who in the past has taken the decision to close the studio of Visceral Games and revise the Star Wars project.

Hier, who worked in BioWare Montreal for seven years, said the US publisher “generally pushes for more open-world games and the reason is you can monetize them better.” Referring to Mass Effect 3, Hier explains how card packs have been implemented in the multiplayer game so that they could “get people to keep coming back to a thing instead of ‘just’ playing for 60 to 100 hours.”

The success achieved with Mass Effect 3 through the implementation of this strategy was apparently the key to changing the modus operandi of EA.

In that sense, Heir says that “the amount of money we made just off those card packs was so significant that’s the reason Dragon Age has multiplayer, that’s the reason other EA products started getting multiplayer that hadn’t really had them before, because we nailed it and brought in a ton of money. I have seen people literally spend $15,000 on Mass Effect multiplayer cards.”

Looking at the present, Hier declares that the only existence of the new game of BioWare, Anthem, is due to the potential gains associated with multiplayer and microtransactions.

“The linear single-player triple-A game at EA is dead for the time being” Heir finally concluded.

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