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BioWare confirms no plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC

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After a long period of silence and uncertainty, yesterday BioWare finally confirmed what many assumed: there are no plans to launch the DLC for the campaign of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The news was posted by the company on the official Mass Effect website. The studio mentioned that the Pathfinder story came to an end in the video game, but will be explored in comics and novels.

“Our last update, 1.10, was the final update for Mass Effect: Andromeda. There are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content,” BioWare explained.

The studio also commented that the game was designed to expand the Pathfinder’s journey through this new galaxy with APEX multiplayer missions. In that regard, he announced that the multiplayer team will provide details on support for this feature in the coming weeks.

“With each patch, you let us know we were heading in the right direction, and we’re grateful to everyone who joined us on this journey,” the studio said. “We’re proud of what we created, and we hope you enjoyed it as well”

“We appreciate all the millions of people who came with us to the Andromeda galaxy. We hope to see you again in the Mass Effect universe,” finished BioWare.

This puts an end to reports that BioWare would cease support for the Mass Effect: Andromeda campaign. It is clear that this was the cause of the mediocre launch by which the title passed, as well as of a rushed development.

Recall that in early August Electronic Arts reported that it would join BioWare Montreal with Motive Studios. The move came to an end with reports suggesting that the Mass Effect series will take a break after the release of Andromeda. Today, we can confirm that BioWare Montreal will work on other projects.

But not all is lost to the fans of the studio. Casey Hudson, head of the original Mass Effect trilogy, returned to BioWare to focus his efforts on the Edmonton and Austin teams. One of the studio’s projects is Anthem, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2018.