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Bioware Confirms that Anthem Will Not Use Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment System

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Bioware has completely denied the fact that its new title, Anthem, will not use Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) system.

As we reported a week ago, Electronic Arts has registered a new patent through which the company would be able to calibrate the difficulty and balance the multiplayer online structures of its games taking into account not only the skills of the players but also the money spent in the game to buy equipment, weapons, etc.

The ultimate goal is to make the user more and more involved in the experience and more and more inclined to invest to buy in-game items and, considering that players can decide to spend real money to do this, many fans have started to raise doubts about the policies that will be adopted with the new game of BioWare, Anthem.

As far as we know very little about the Sci-Fi title, there are now many people who fear that the game can use the patent, and therefore microtransactions will also play a central role in the dynamics of the game, especially after what happened with Star Wars Battlefront 2.

However, the technical design director at Bioware, Brenon Holmes, thought to dispel the doubts of the fans, answering them on Reddit: “I’m not sure where this is really coming from… we’re not doing any of that though.”

We also point out that the Electronic Arts patent is not currently in use in any of its video games, and seems to have been registered only for precautionary purposes.

Anthem will be released during the fall of 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. According to Michael Pachter, the game will include microtransactions, but only for the purchase of cosmetic items.