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Bioware: Anthem PC Version Will Not Be A Simple Port

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Bioware is aiming a lot on Anthem for its re-launch after the criticisms received, perhaps a little unjustly, on Mass Effect Andromeda.

Through Reddit, one of the most popular social networks when it comes to putting developers in contact with fans, BioWare has talked about the compatible edition of the anticipated action video game Anthem.

The own Brendon Holmes, a creative belonging to BioWare for the development of the title, has spoken with the restless users, discarding that the PC version of the game is not going to be a simple port with, hardly, support for mouse and keyboard. On the contrary, he explained that the PC version is “in constant development” in the offices of the studio.

As for the progression system, it will be more static than other MMOs, this to attract more users: “One advantage to having a more static model is that it’s a lot easier to entice players into different styles of gameplay. You find something new, it’s more powerful than what you have… you’re likely to give it a go! Alternatively, with things that grow in power over time/usage… you tend to get a lot more attached to the items you have. They start to form part of the identity of your character. A lot of it depends on what the progression goals are with a given system. Currently, we’re doing both styles (for different areas of progression),” Holmes said in another Reddit thread.

Anthem, after the recent delay, is scheduled for release in early 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.