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BioWare: Anthem game is not Microsoft exclusive, it will arrive on other platforms

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Anthem, the new IP of BioWare, was presented with a short teaser trailer at the conference of Electronic Arts. Although the game will be shown in more depth at the conference of Microsoft, that does not mean it will be an Microsoft exclusive coming only to Xbox One/Project Scorpio: the confirmation comes from the director of marketing of the company.

After the cryptic video screened during the EA Play last night, many wondered if Anthem, the new IP of BioWare which will be discussed in more detail in its Microsoft conference tonight, was an exclusive for the Xbox console series.

Despite this strong link of the title with Microsoft, BioWare has immediately denied certain rumors through the words of its director of marketing.

“I, a person who works at BioWare, am literally telling you guys it is NOT exclusive” writes the director of marketing of the company on NeoGaf, a forum where his name is placed under the nickname of “orangecoke”.

In short, if there were any doubts about the alleged exclusivity of Anthem, now we have confirmation that the title will be multiplatform.

At this point, we still have to wait to find out more about the games that remains to be shown at the Microsoft conference scheduled for 11 June.

Pending the Microsoft conference which is scheduled for June 11, below you can see the teaser trailer of Anthem:

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