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Bioshock: The Collection rated by ESRB for PC, PS4 & Xbox One

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A few weeks ago there were some rumor of a possible Bioshock Collection, and now more signs have emerged that bring us even closer to this compilation. This time, the compilation appears classified by the ESRB – Entertainment Software Rating Board -, US content rating system.

BioShock The Collection ESRB Rated

It is the third time that the title was listed on a similar web. Its name appeared in the equivalent organizations in Brazil and Taiwan. In the latter country, even a filtered cover appeared.

The picture shows the compilation of course, and would make clear that the pack would include all three installments of the saga: Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. The sensational cover shows both the watery city of Rapture and the aerial city of Columbia, where the various iterations scenarios unfold.

The game is listed for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We assume that in addition to the games, many downloadable content will be included that appeared to date to provide a complete Bioshock experience, for both who know the saga and neophytes playing it.

Created by Ken Levine, the Bioshock franchise was born in 2007 and became an instant cult title because of the sheer quality involved in this action game in first person with a great narrative burden. Its sequel followed the steps set, but overall lost some spark, which was finally recovered in Bioshock Infinite, an outstanding title, mainly because Levine returned to the game, unlike what happened in the second installment.

Although many platitudes from 2K have not made ​​any announcement or confirmation about it, so we have to wait until then to see if Bioshock Collection is definitely a reality. Given the evidence so evident, it appears that it will not take too long to come.

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